Combination lock 2006 single point of contact surface mounting

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As basic or additional lock for entrance, wooden, metal, or PVC doors. Designed to work in aggressive environment at  high risk of vandalism. Very reliable construction, made of high quality galvanized steel guaranteed to work even after long spells of idleness. Suitable for warehouses, garages, country homes, isolated facilities. The lock has a gear cam ensuring smooth operation when locking and unlocking. Coding is computer-set, and the 15 coding pins, located on three axles guarantee uniqueness.. There is tamper-proof protection. It can be included in Master systems.

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Tech Specification

ID NumberDimensionsPlating
W - White
F - Forged copper
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1101.21195 11. Company

01. Lock

02. Cylinder

03. Key

04. Shield

05. Padlock

06. Hinged

07. Cans

08. Accessories for electrical switchboards

09. Accessories for locking


1. Lock ordinary

2. Combination lock

3. Lock WC

4.Bilateral lock

500. Quadrilateral lock


0. Without Deadlock

1. With Deadlock

2. 3 steel bolt lock

3. 3 steel bolt lock Ø12

4. 3 steel bolt lock Ø10

8. Double alongХ

9. Double along  У


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