About the company

Codkey Technologies LTD is a company specializing in production and sale of programmable electronic locking systems & access control. Its industrial base is located in the town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
Production is based on a Swiss license from 1991 that makes possible a lock system to be created by combining 15 code pins spirally arranged in three rows. Specialized software programs each cylinder ensuring 15 000 000 possible combinations, and creates MASTER KEY systems in ascending and descending order. It ensures traceability on each system level, with duplication possibility based on a single code. The production is a complete cycle – from the raw materials to the end product. The produced components are controlled from the start. A testing laboratory for simulation researches of the lock systems and mechanisms is built on the production base territory.

We produce a wide range of items that guarantee home, office and hotel protection under the trademark Locksys and Codkey.


CODKEY TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a company that combines the experience, traditions and good manufacturing practices of  more than 25 years of work in the field of metalworking and the production of finished products.

After 2017 more than € 5 million have been invested in the company to increase production, technological capacity and to close the cycle from the delivery of primary material to the final product.

 Logically, increased capacity, latest  equipment and years of experience have led us to share the usefulness of our capabilities with customers in need of extra capacity, companies building and deploying their businesses and outsourcing companies all around the world.

Codkey's team focuses on management in meeting customer requirements and process management.

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CODKEY TECHNOLOGIES presents a revolutionary new locking mechanism designed to satisfy the need for high security in most small dimensions and weight. The system is designed to fix the thumb of the PA to "Off", thereby stopping supply of electricity to power the building installation.



Codkey Technologies Ltd. offers to professionals and consumers high-quality locks produced by European standards in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. A team of professionals using modern software and perfect equipment using high quality materials with proven origin and parameters construct and produce a range locks covering all necessities of construction and home.



Codkey Technologies Ltd. is a reliable and trustworthy partner with a strong position in both domestic and external market. Provider of retail chain Praktiker Homemaks. The company's products reach consumers in over 50 countries - Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, etc.