S MAX fastener is used in household and specialized locking systems preodotvratyavane violent attempts to unlock.

It consists of a protected part and handle.

Protected part of the lock includes a housing in which the cylindrical sleeve whose axial movement is vazprepyatstvano.V this sleeve is mounted triaxial coded discharge. At the rear end of the mucus is mounted freely in a bearing housing outside the cylindrical sleeve coupling element which transmits the movement of the thumb of the lock.

When inserting the correct key coding pins are aligned in height and allows rotation of the internal rotor of mucus. By radial ball is driven svazdvashtiya element that rotates the thumb lock.

When inserting the key or another plate for forcibly rotation of the mucus, coding pins locked rotation of the inner rotor and that permits rotation of the cylindrical sleeve in the housing without transmitting movement of the coupling member i.e. the lock remains locked.