For all types of embedded basic and additional locks. Dependable and reliable operation in high secrecy and security. Micro magnetic element (MME) in the lock increases the security of mucus.

The buckle comprises a body to which are fixed outer casing and an inner sleeve. The sleeve is mounted on inner rotor bearing freely on the thumb or the gear of the lock Sekretnosta is based on 15 tsiftova combination located along the three axes along the lock and in a helix about the axis of rotation of the inner rotor.

In the rotor and the sleeve are drilled in a stepped holes in which are mounted combinations of coding and complementary pins and springs to ensure the compression of the pins to the axis of the lock.

The keys are made of nickel-copper alloy and are numerically coded.

Micro magnetic element built in one of 15 positions in the rotor works in the opposite direction of coding pins ie if the lock will switch additional pins pressed by springs enter the inner rotor and steel pin MME under the influence of an elastic element locked in internal sleeve.

Key has built neodymium magnet combined with coded wells released internal rotor hub and allows turning and Respective work of thumb or gear.